Has a compact structure,excellent ladder road,refund lead the way,beautiful appearance,soft modern look of the design.A safe,comfortable,beautiful escalator you to enjoy every day,relaxed,enjoyable time. Widely used in shopping malls,supermarkets,subways,airports and other high traffic place,you have added a beautiful mobile landscape.

1.Compact structure

Fish-bellied girder short span of the pedal is mach smaller space,so that the whole structure more compact,the flexibility to adapt to architectural pattern of the building for customers to save valuable space.

2.Fine coziness

Advanced control systems and reducer,high-quality drive chain and precision installation process,ensure the products run comfort.

3.Fine safety and reliability

Strict implementation of escalators and moving walkways in the manufacture and installation of safety norm>>such as modern Chinese and European standards,set all the necessary safety devices,microcomputer control technology,non-contact control,safe operation and reliable.

4.Long use life

Use of light weight,high strength metal truss,to ensure product overall rigidity. Automatic lubrication system,which can guarantee product in time for the parts automatic refueling,increased product life.

    Hand Strap Inward And Outward Protection
    Comb Foreign Body Safety Protection
    Cascade Drive Chain Loose Fault Protection
    Main Drive Chain Loose Fault Protection
    Host Overheating Protection
    Skirt Safety Protection
    Main Circuit Break Protection
    Prevent Not Operation Reversal Protection
    Over Speed, Speed Limit Protection
    Stair Collapse And Roller Fracture Protection
    Fault Phase Failure Protection
    Emergency Stop Button
    Ground Protection
    Automatic Fault Detection, Display
    Thermal Protection
    Maintenance Socket, Overhaul Box        
    Hand Strap Antistatic Wheel
    Stair Anti Static Brush
    Graphical Label Safety Instructions
    Cascade Operation Isolation Plate
    Green Cascade Clearance Lighting (Upper And Lower Ends Level Cascade)

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