The automatic sidewalks is designed and manufactured with international advanced technology; it is of refined structure,advanced rails, refined track and exquisite appearance.

Its stable operation and convenient maintenance brings brand-new bright feelings and comfort to passengers and lets them appreciate transcendent charm and luxury for modern architecture.

They are durable and attractive. We offer the ordinary public series, the top grade series of energy-saving and comfortable type, indoor use and outdoor use. We choose the first-class cosmetic brands for the major components. The products are running safe and smooth, low noise and repairing convenient.

Control system intellectually drives the motor to change into ECO economical travel condition according to detecting the actual load of the escalators. In this way, it can save 30% of the energy. We fulfill ECO energy-saving functions through load feedback principle: The sensor self-inspects the flow in the running escalator. When the eacalator has been tested of light load or no load, the control system will intellectually drive the motor to change into ECO travel condition in order to fulfill the economical travel. If there is something wrong with the sensor, rated load travel condition will be kept in the light load or no looad condition. It gives warning to the sensor trouble so as to truly fulfill the energy-saving travel of the escalator.

Option functions:

    Anti-skidding pallets made of cast aluminum alloy
    Human oriented design guarantees a safe and comfortable trip on the escalator.
    Smooth transmission and low noise.
    Skirt panel brush function.
    Two escalators can be installed side by side in parallel, and the distance can be adjusted.
    Multi-safety protection measures
    Stable running.
    High efficiency

1. Running direction indication.

2. Skirt panel brush.

3. Automatic start / stop .

4. Skirt panel illumination.

5. Inclined handrail.

6. VVVF variable frequency energy-saving system.

7. Handrail illumination.

8. various color choice for handrail color and wainscot color.

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